Transparent Dressing specifically designed for Huber needles

  • Overview
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Non adhesive central windowpolyfilm
  • Does not adhere to the needle during removal
  • Optimal dimensions: 12 x 14 cm - 4 3/4 in x 5 1/2 in
  • Fully transparent: POLYFILM® facilitates close monitoring of the puncture site


1) Central window: 3x 7,5 cm – 11/4 x 3 IN


Non-adhesive:  to guarantee needle stability upon dressing removal

  • Reduces the risk of pain
  • Prevents accidental needlestick injury during dressing removal

to avoid any risk of tearing leading to breach of asepsis.
Transparent: optimal monitoring site and detection of possible complications.



2) Polyurethane flexible film

  • Hypoallergenic for optimum skin tolerance.
  • Breathable to prevent humidity accumulation under the dressing and therefore early displacement.
  • Barrier against bacteria and viruses, offering protection regarding the risks of contamination.
  • Liquid-impermeable to avoid displacement in the event of accidental immersion.


3) Two-part applicator frame

Easy to apply


Included in the pouchstrips

Holding strips:

  • Huber needle maintenance under the dressing.
  • Date of application can be written on the strip.
Référence Description Dimensions Box
PF121401 POLYFILM®, transparent dressing, holding strips 12 x 14cm 50 units