PEROUSE MEDICAL is a major player in the treatment of vascular and cardiac disorders.

PEROUSE MEDICAL is developing a full range of technically sophisticated cardiovascular implants dedicated to replace or treat failing arteries and veins.

Each technology meets a specific practitioner need, such as the new-generation POLYMAILLE® Extra Thin textile prostheses, which - with their extremely fine walls - are comparable in their properties to natural arteries.

They also contain no chemical agents, thus ensuring optimum implantation tolerance and perfect cicatrization.

A new ePTFE vascular prosthesis range has just completed the cardio-vascular offer. This new range is dedicated to the vein replacement or derivation on peripheral bypasses and is also used for hemodialysis access.

Interventional Imaging

Interventional Imaging Division is specialized in innovating mini-invasive techniques. It designs and manufactures devices for coronarography and angioplasty procedures (inflation devices, haemostatic valves…).

It is also involved in the Imaging sector with a range of consumables (syringes, connection lines…) for CT, MRI and angiographic injectors.

Through several partnerships, the Interventional Imaging Division is also active in the neurology, vertebroplasty and gastroenterology fields.


PEROUSE MEDICAL supplies subcutaneous implants (implantable ports) for patients allowing medicines and anti-cancer treatments or antibiotics to be administered directly into the blood circulation. These devices enable patients to have repeated painless injections under optimal conditions.

PEROUSE MEDICAL has a complete range of implantable ports of different profiles and sizes which combine robustness and lightness. Some of these are the most widely used on the market as they have a wide range of indications. Others, such as the POLYSITE® Echo kits, support new ultrasound guided implantation practices.

The Oncology Division also develops unique products for the market such as safe needles which avoid nurses pricking themselves when they handle them (Polyperf® Safe) or needles which automatically administer positive pressure when they are withdrawn, reducing the risk of catheter obstruction (PPS® Flow+).