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The peripheral vascular self-expanding stent system is intended for primary stenting of de-novo or restenotic lesions of the peripheral arteries.

  • Nitinol laser-cut self-expanding endoprothesis
  • OTW catheter (coaxial) compatible with guide

wire of 0.035″, 260 cm and 300 cm

  • 4 tantalum radio-opaque markers with distal

and proximal extremities

  • One for one delivery system

Unique wave design

  • Superior flexibility without sacrificed radial strength

Flexible connectors                               

  • High resistance against bending, torsion and compression stress

Consistent radial force for different stent diameters

  • Excellent flow reconstruction

Excellent pushability

  • Facilitates crossover procedures

High flexibility at distal end

  • Facilitates navigation through tortuous lesions


Patented single-handed delivery catheter

  • Accurate 1for1 delivery, no stent displacement







4 tantalum radio-opaque markers at distal and proximal extremities

Excellent x-ray visibility

Guide compatibility: 0.035″ (0.89mm)

Introducer compatibility 6Fr

Usable catheter length 80 cm 
Stent diameter [mm]  Stent length [mm] 
20 40 60 80 100 120 150
6 PMSX-06-20-80  PMSX-06-40-80  PMSX-06-60-80  PMSX-06-80-80  PMSX-06-100-80  PMSX-06-120-80  PMSX-06-150-80 
7 PMSX-07-20-80  PMSX-07-40-80  PMSX-07-60-80  PMSX-07-80-80  PMSX-07-100-80  PMSX-07-120-80  PMSX-07-150-80 
8 PMSX-08-20-80  PMSX-08-40-80  PMSX-08-60-80  PMSX-08-80-80  PMSX-08-100-80  PMSX-08-120-80  PMSX-08-150-80 
9 PMSX-09-20-80  PMSX-09-40-80  PMSX-09-60-80  PMSX-09-80-80  PMSX-09-100-80  PMSX-09-120-80  PMSX-09-150-80 
10 PMSX-10-20-80  PMSX-10-40-80  PMSX-10-60-80  PMSX-10-80-80  PMSX-10-100-80  PMSX-10-120-80  PMSX-10-150-80 
11 PMSX-11-20-80  PMSX-11-40-80  PMSX-11-60-80  PMSX-11-80-80  PMSX-11-100-80  PMSX-11-120-80  PMSX-11-150-80 


Usable catheter length 120 cm 
Stent diameter [mm]  Stent length [mm] 
20 40 60 80 100 120 150
6 PMSX-06-20-120  PMSX-06-40-120  PMSX-06-60-120  PMSX-06-80-120  PMSX-06-100-120  PMSX-06-120-120  PMSX-06-150-120 
7 PMSX-07-20-120  PMSX-07-40-120  PMSX-07-60-120  PMSX-07-80-120  PMSX-07-100-120  PMSX-07-120-120  PMSX-07-150-120 
8 PMSX-08-20-120  PMSX-08-40-120  PMSX-08-60-120  PMSX-08-80-120  PMSX-08-100-120  PMSX-08-120-120  PMSX-08-150-120 
9 PMSX-09-20-120  PMSX-09-40-120  PMSX-09-60-120  PMSX-09-80-120  PMSX-09-100-120  PMSX-09-120-120  PMSX-09-150-120 
10 PMSX-10-20-120  PMSX-10-40-120  PMSX-10-60-120  PMSX-10-80-120  PMSX-10-100-120  PMSX-10-120-120  PMSX-10-150-120 
11 PMSX-11-20-120  PMSX-11-40-120  PMSX-11-60-120  PMSX-11-80-120  PMSX-11-100-120  PMSX-11-120-120  PMSX-11-150-120 

Please refer below to the Instructions for Use (IFUs) for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, and cautions.


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