Research and development

A partnership serving innovation

Sitting at the heart of innovation means giving priority to research. PEROUSE MEDICAL has the extensive technical, human and financial resources to enable it to produce a new generation of products and continuously improve their quality.

PEROUSE MEDICAL has been working for years in close collaboration with surgeons, practitioners, medical experts and nurses.

This partnership approach meets two aims:

  • To offer medical devices which meet practitioners’ needs
  • To improve patients’ quality of life

Finally, in its commitment to strive for excellence, the whole PEROUSE MEDICAL team is working together to become a benchmark in medical technology on the international market.

In 2009 PEROUSE MEDICAL won the innovation trophy (SME-SMI category) in a competition organised by the Picardy region INPI. With more than 150 patents, PEROUSE MEDICAL has confirmed its position as an innovative dynamic company.

OSEO has been supporting the collaborative industrial innovative strategy MIOTherIS project ( since september 2010 for a period of 5 years. The aim of this project is to develop a new medical device for multi-therapy treatment of cancers. This mini-invasive device is unparalleled by its ability to incorporate the most recent advances in cancer treatment.
It will allow the tumour mass to be destroyed physically by heat ablation. This treatment can be combined with injection of chemical, immunological or biological agents.

Development of this type of device is a major public health challenge, the expected benefits of which are:

  • significant improvement in patients’ life expectancy and quality of life,
  • reduced side-effects from existing treatments,
  • reduced operating times and medical costs

PEROUSE MEDICAL brings its expertise in the development and marketing of implantable port micro-chambers. Its partners in this are CERMA (product leader), STATICE, TRANSGENE (a subsidiary of Mérieux Institute group) and the University Hospital of Besançon (France) and Franche-Compté University (France).