Development of the company


1980:  Formation of the PEROUSE Group by Eric Pérouse, pharmacist. At that time the company’s activities
           were dedicated to sterilisation.

1986:  Diversification by internal growth into oncology and vascular surgery. Formation of Laboratoires PEROUSE.

1988:  Diversification into plastic and reconstructive surgeries. Construction of the Bornel site in the Oise.

1990:  Acquisition of the SEDAT Company in Lyon, specialist in medical plastics injections.

1997:  Acquisition of the SADUC Company (a subsidiary of Pasteur Mérieux), a specialist in biomaterials.


2001:  Division of Laboratoires PEROUSE into 3 independent companies:
  • Laboratoires PEROUSE

2002:  Acquisition of FlashMed.

2003:  A new production and R&D site wholly dedicated to vascular surgery and oncology opens
           in Ivry-le-Temple in the Oise.

2007:  PEROUSE PLASTIE Company sold to Mentor Corporation.

2007:  CORMOVE Company formed.

2009:  Merger between Laboratoires PEROUSE, SEDAT and FlashMed becoming PEROUSE MEDICAL.

2011:  Organization of PEROUSE MEDICAL in 4 business units: oncology, interventional imaging, cardiovascular and business to business.


1996:  Vein strippers V100 and V400.

1997:  Straight and curved Huber needles
           Huber needle with POLYPERF® connection line.
           POLYSITE® series 1000 resin implantable ports
           POLYTHESE® woven vascular stents
           POLYMAILLE® C knitted vascular stents
           Dolphin inflation system

1998:  POLYSHUNT® carotid shunts

2000POLYPATCH® woven polyester vascular patch

2002POLYSITE® series 3000 Mini and 4000 Standard resin and titanium implantable ports

2003E.L.S. (Easy Loading Syringe) angiographic syringes

2004POLYPERF® Safe single hand withdrawal safe Huber needles
           Nautiflux coronary angiography set

2005:  POLYSITE® series 2000 Micro paediatric implantable chambers
           POLYBRANCH® and POLYARCH® woven vascular prostheses
           UNISTRIP® vein stripper

2007:  Embolectomy catheters
           Myshell lite Y connector

2008:  POLYFILM® Huber needle maintenance dressing
           POLYSTRIPP® vein stripper
           Flamingo inflation system

2009PPS Quick® safe Huber needles with BD Q-SyteTM closure system
           PPS Flow+® safe Huber needles with automatic positive pressure
           POLYMAILLE® Extra Thin knitted vascular prosthesis
           Miniflux angiography set

2010POLYSITE® Echo ultrasound-guided puncture kit
           ECHO-Site® ultrasound
           PolyArt® embolectomy catheter

2011:  Partnership between PEROUSE MEDICAL and the American company TELEFLEX for the distribution of its oncology
           range in the United States.