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MYSHELL LITE Y connector

Material accepted: up to 7F and 9F
Ergonomic, myshell lite fits naturally into your hand.
The innovative double haemostatic valve system is perfectly watertight regardless of the diameter of the material used.
The flexibility of the valve allows you to introduce all material (apart from stents) without activating the opening mechanism.
The valve is opened and closed by simply pressing on the control button.

Complete video of Myshell – for downloading on computer - 14476 Ko (WMV)

Connection and manipulation of the rotating adaptor - 506 Ko (WMV)

Introduction of guidewire and balloon catheter with valve closed - 374 Ko (WMV)

Introduction of stent with valve opened - 414 Ko (WMV)

Drawings explaining Myshell mecanism - 563 Ko (WMV)

Download spec. sheet - 249 Ko (PDF)