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Doctor TOTY’s thoracic drainage tube

For thoracic, cardiovascular, pleuropulmonary and oesophageal surgery.

Stiff, bevelled tip.
Perforated for drainage: 17 holes over 40 cm.
Radio-opaque line.
Ring marker
(5 cm from the last
Interposition of a supple, large-diameter tube

     (for the removal of clots).
Y-connector for the double drainage tube.
Total length: 447 cm.

- PVC drainage tubes.
- Total length: 447 cm.
- Stiff tube – trocar: 23 cm.
- Perforated area: 50 cm.
- Ring marker.
- Radio-opaque line all along the intrathoracic drain.
- 40 cm between the thoracic exit hole and the drawing chamber.
- Drawing chamber: 28 cm.
- 50 cm to the Y-connector linking the two tubes.
- 270 cm from the Y-connector to the suction connector.

Doctor TOTY’s thoracic drainage tube (With a Radio-opaque line)
Reference Description
DT401 Single drain
DT402 Double drain
Equipment delivered sterile and double packed for single use.