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POLYSHUNT® Carotid shunt


During carotid surgery, the use of a shunt – a small, flexible, T-shaped device – improves surgical technique, reduces patient trauma and improves safety:

Continuous blood circulation in the brain
Limited dissection
Quick and easy to set up
The permeability of the shunt can be seen
The pressure of the internal carotid balloon can be checked

b>POLYSHUNT® with safety balloon
Reference Size Internal carotid balloon capacity Common carotid balloon capacity Safety balloon Length
SC 200 9F 0,25 ml 1,5 ml yes 30 cm
SC 300 9F 0,25 ml 1,5 ml yes 14 cm
Sterile equipment double packed in a rigid blister pack that protects the shunt from crushing

Commercial brochure - 152 Ko (PDF)