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A study assesses and quantifies the benefits of positive pressure on withdrawing Huber needles (27/11/2007)

By Jordane Lapalu* and Odile Albert**
* Pharmaceutical Assistant , responsible for sterilisation, Central Sterilisation, Saint Louis Hospital (Paris)
** DE Nurse, Pain and Catheter Maintenance Department, Saint Louis Hospital (Paris)

The December 2000 ANAES recommendations(1) recommend withdrawing Huber needles from implantable catheter chambers under positive pressure, without however being based on tangible data. It would not be inappropriate to (re)state that this operation consists in maintaining positive pressure, generally by injecting physiological saline simultaneously with the withdrawal of the needle; under no circumstances does simply clamping the line before the withdrawal of the needle constitute positive pressure.
If such positive pressure condition is not adhered to, the blood reflux at the catheter distal tip which results causes fibrin deposits in the catheter opening. The complications which result are, in particular, restrictions in the flow which could go as far as cruoric obstruction of the catheter.
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