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New POLYSITE® High Flow (09/05/2007)

The range of titanium implantable ports POLYSITE® of Laboratoires PEROUSE now disposes of one adult High Flow implantable port. With the same weight and the same dimensions than the POLYSITE® STANDARD 4000 series, it is compatible with 9F polyurethane catheter (4019 serie) and 10F silicone catheter (40010 serie) pre-connected or not pre-connected.
This new port POLYSITE® High Flow has one of the best flow rate of market : indeed it makes the maximum flow rate of 3120 mL/hour possible.
Thanks to these performances, POLYSITE® High Flow is characterized by the versatility from its indications: Chemotherapy, Bone-marrow graft, Parenteral Nutrition, and Hematology.